Georg Gerstäcker

Georg Gerst Acker ( born June 3, 1889 in Nuremberg, † December 20, 1949 ) was a successful German wrestler.


Georg Gerstacker belonged to the ASC " Sandow " Nuremberg. In 1912 he was winner of the Olympic excretion and represented Germany at the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912 in the rings of the featherweight class in Greco- Roman style. There he struck one after the Szoszky Hungary, the Finns Risto Mustonen, Havonen, Kangas and Lehmusvirta, the Swede Johansson and only lost in the final of the Finn Kaarlo Koskelo. He won the silver medal with it.

Further international success

German champion was " Schorsch " Gerstacker 1924, 1925 and 1927, German Vice Champion in 1926 and DM- 1919 and third in 1922, each flyweight ( giech. -Roman. Style). In 1919 he was third in the featherweight behind his team mate Franz riding Meier and Hermann Brodbeck, Untertürkheim become.

Gerstacker weighed little more than 50 kilograms and had to compete so far mostly against larger opponents. So weighed about Koskelo, his opponent in the final in Stockholm, eight kilograms more than he did. The more remarkable are its successes.


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