Gibsons, British Columbia

Gibsons is a small town in the southern part of the Sunshine Coast, in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The community is located about 50 kilometers in a straight line north of Vancouver on the Sechelt Peninsula and is part of the Sunshine Coast Regional District. The village is located on the Strait of Georgia and at the entrance to Howe Sound.


Originally the land was inhabited by the First Nations, so the story goes back further than that dominated by European immigrants historiography. In the area around today's Gibsons lived and live mainly Squamish, but also the Sechelt.

Begins the "European" part of history in this region, after the discovery by the various seafarers such as George Vancouver in 1792, again with the arrival of the fur traders of the Hudson's Bay Company. Except by the fur trade, the region initially remained largely unaffected by European settlers. This changed in the late 19th century.

The original village was called Gibson 's Landing and was built in 1886, when George Gibson landed here with his two sons after a boat accident. In 1938 got the village community, this state had the settlement after its recognition now received, a postoffice. In 1947, the post office was renamed the " Landing " in the name fell off. The same renaming then learned the community.


The last census in 2011 showed a population of 4,437 inhabitants for the community. The population of the municipality has thereby increased from 2006 by 6.1 % compared to the census and thus is slightly below the trend for the average of the entire province of British Columbia, where the population grew by 7.0% at the same time. With an average age of 51.4 years, the population here is, however, also significantly older than in the rest of the province, which has an age of 41.9 years on average.


Gibson is one of School District # 46 Sunshine Coast, which is responsible for the communities on the Sunshine Coast and is headquartered here. In the small community located Findt an elementary school and a secondary school.


The granting of local self-government for the settlement took place on March 4, 1929 (incorporated as the Village Municipality ). Over time, the status of the settlement changed several times since December 17, 1982 the community the status of a small town ( Town).

Mayor of the municipality is Wayne Rower. Together with four other citizens, it forms for three years the Council ( Council) of the city.


2006 were, in terms of number of employees, the most important economic sectors: the tailoring trade, trade management, and forestry. However, many professionals also commuting to work in Vancouver.

The average income (median income ) of employees from Gibson in 2005 was an above-average C $ 26,038, while it was at the same time the average for the entire province of British Columbia 24 867 C $. The difference in earnings between men ( 34 333 C $ ) and women ( 19 474 C $ ) is located in Gibsons, well above the provincial average ( ⌀ - men = 31 598 C $, ⌀ - women = 19 997 C $).


Average falls 1369.1 mm of precipitation per year. Of which more than 95% fall as rain and less than 5 % as snow. The month of August is the driest and November the wettest month of the year. In July and August, the average temperature varies usually 13-21 ° C in December and January 1-6 ° C. The highest measured temperature of the last decades was 31.0 ° C and the lowest -12.0 ° C.


Gibson's location is conveniently technically problematic, as the town is situated on a peninsula and this can not be achieved on public roads only by ferry and. The city is located, as a north- south route, off Highway 101, Highway ends in the adjoining Gibson settlement Langdale Langdale Ferry Terminal on the BC Ferries. For the Regional Director Strict Sunshine Coast, the ferry from here to Vanvouver since the only connection to the mainland.

The small town is not connected to the railway network, and has no airport.

Sons and daughters


In Canada, the community is thus known that the shooting took place for the Canadian television series beach pirates here and in the surrounding area.