British Columbia Highway 101

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  • Sunshine Coast
  • Powell River

Highway 101 is located in the southwest of the Canadian province of British Columbia. He has a road length of 139 km, but the Highway is complemented by a ferry ride of 19 km in length. The start is located in Langdale, the end in Lund.


The highway has its beginning at the ferry port of Langdale. There are ships from Horseshoe Bay, Keets Iceland and New Brighton. The highway to Madeira Park along the coast of the Strait of Georgia, therefore, is also the proper name of the highway: Sunshine Coast Highway. The highway follows the east inland to Kleindale and from there to the north. Passing the Ruby Lake abuts the highway to the coast to the Earls Cove Ferry Terminal. There, the first section of the highway ends. After a ferry ride of about 50 minutes, the Saltery Bay Ferry Terminal can be reached where the second section of the highway begins. The highway continues to follow westward the course of the coastline and swings at Powell River to the north. In the center of the Lund Highway ends.