British Columbia Highway 4

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The British Columbia Highway 4 is on Vancouver Iceland, where it forms an east -west connection with a length of 162 km. It leads from Highway 19A in Qualicum Beach to Tofino on the Pacific coast.

  • 2.1 Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park
  • 2.3 Sproat Lake Provincial Park
  • 2.4 Pacific Rim National Park
  • 2.5 Tofino


Alberni Highway

On the section between Qualicum Beach and Port Alberni to call this the Alberni Highway. Beginning of the highway is on Highway 19A, just off the coast to the Strait of Georgia that separates Vancouver Iceland from the Canadian mainland. From there we head south to the intersection with Highway 19, the road now turns to the west. The highway through the mountains on Vancouver Iceland, past the Cameron Lake and two provincial parks to Port Alberni.

Pacific Rim Highway

The route from Port Alberni to the Pacific coast called Pacific Rim Highway. The road leads westwards at Sproat Lake over and then changes its course in a southwesterly direction. The Kennedy Lake is still striped, to the highway then comes across the Pacific Rim National Park just off the Pacific coast. To the south the short spur road goes off to Ucluelet. Along the Pacific Coast Highway runs northwest and cuts through the Pacific Rim National Park lengthwise. Since the west coast of Canada due to the interplay of the North American plate, the Juan de Fuca plate and the Pacific plate is a geologically active region, you have to expect when appropriate earthquake with tsunamis. Therefore, along the highway evacuation routes are signposted. Located in the park is the Tofino Airport. The end of the highway is then in Tofino, on the Esowista Peninsula.


Here are some sights that touches the highway from east to west.

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

The Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park is a small park at the Little Qualicum River. A campsite offers the possibility of cross Eighth, the park is known for its waterfalls.

The MacMillan Provincial Park is also known under the name " Cathedral Grove ". From tourists visited the park is due to the jungle, which consists of partially several hundred year old Douglas firs.

Sproat Lake Provincial Park

The Sproat Lake Provincial Park is a small park on Sproat Lake. Here, too, the possibility of a campsite About Eighth. This park is known for its petroglyphs and stationed here water bomber.

Pacific Rim National Park

The park consists of three parts: The Broken Group Islands, which is made up of hundreds of small islands; the coastal region, Long Beach, consisting of a mile-long sandy beach and the West Coast Trail, one of the most popular hiking trails on Vancouver Iceland. Located directly on the beach, the coastal forest closes in, which is one of the last temperate rain forests in the world.


Tofino is a popular and much visited destination among tourists. The place is known for its whale-watching opportunities, especially the Pacific Rim Whale Festival in early March like to visit. Furthermore, the place is used as a place to stay for the surfing paradise at Long Beach.