British Columbia Highway 3

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  • Fraser Valley
  • Okanagan Similkameen
  • Kootenay Boundary
  • Central Kootenay
  • East Kootenay

The Highway 3 in British Columbia, Canada, is part of an inter-provincial highways, the Crowsnest Highway. It forms the southernmost east-west connection and has its beginning in Hope as a branch from Highway 1, it ends at the Crowsnest Pass in the Rocky Mountains. The length of the highway in British Columbia is 849 km.

In contrast to the usual highway marking signs in British Columbia, with blue lettering and coat of arms on the upper plate edge, the marking is carried out by a special sign: the number 3 in white letters against the background of a black crow.

  • 2.1 Manning Park
  • 2.2 Okanagan Valley


Hope to Osoyoos

The highway begins in the east of Hope. Highway 1, part of the Trans -Canada Highway, coming from the west of the province, from Vancouver. The Highway 1 follows the Fraser River to the north, Highway 3 is the extension to the east. Highway 1 from the west is highway-like expanded ( Freeway), this stage is continued at Highway 3. The first seven km Highway 5 runs in double award with Highway 3 to Highway 5 branches off towards the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park to the north. After 1.5 km, the freeway ends, but remains a four-lane Highway 3. The highway now runs south-west through the Cascade Mountains. From the Sunshine Valley Highway runs along the Sumallo Rivers or after the mouth of the Skagit River. In the time being the southernmost part of the highway in Manning Park, with the 1342 m high Allison Pass it reaches the highest point for the time being. The highway encounters the Similkameen River and follow it to Princeton. There Highway 5A branches off to the north, according to Merritt, from. Highway 3 remains with the Similkameen and leads again to the southwest. In Keremeos a side road (Highway 3A) direction Penticton branches. The highway leads south to just ahead of the U.S. border. There he leaves the Similkameen and Osoyoos recently reached after. In Osoyoos Highway 97 crosses This is the first time the opportunity of Highway 3 to the United States to enter the state of Washington. To the north leads from here Highway 97 to Penticton and Kelowna. In Osoyoos Lake Osoyoos itself must be crossed. On a narrow part of the lake that is overcome with a short bridge.

Osoyoos to Creston

East of Osoyoos enters the highway in the area of the Monashee Mountains, the first increase will take place on Anarchist Mountain. 52 km after Osooyos carried the branch of Highway 33 to the north, this opens up the route to Kelowna on the Big White Mountains. Following this turn is the settlement of Rock Creek, the highway follows from this locality the Kettle River. In Midway the Kettle River to the south leads to the United States, the Highway 3 turns northeast to Eholt, a ghost town; from there, the highway turns south again. In Carson Carson joins from the south one coming. From there comes again the Kettle River, which the highway follows further to the east. The highway passes through Grand Forks, south of Christina leaving the highway at the junction of Highway 395 again the valley of the Kettle River. Gone in a northeasterly direction at the Gladstone Provincial Park, the highway crosses the 1535 m high Bonanza Pass; he goes further east, at Nancy Green Provincial Park branches off Highway 3B to the south, which opens Rossland. The highway passes to Castlegar, there flows from the north coming Highway 3A. In the community Meadows finally flows back on Highway 3B, in Salmo branches off Highway 6 to the north. Highway 6 runs 14 km along with Highway 3 and then branches off to the south from. The route continues east across the 1775 m high Kootenay Pass, in Stagleap Provincial Park, Creston.

Creston to the Crowsnest Pass

In Creston branch off two highways from Highway 3 from: Highway 3A, a branch line from Highway 3, north and Highway 21 to the south. Highway 3 runs even further east until shortly before the congregation Yahk where joins Highway 95 coming from the south. Highway 3 and Highway 95 run together on the next 72 km. The route leads through Cranbrook, 10 km north-west of which is Fort Steele. There Highway 95 branches together with Highway 93 to north. The following 56 km Highway 3 runs along with Highway 93 up to Elko, where branches of this again towards the south. The route runs north through Fernie and Sparwood meets on Highway 43, which leads to the north. The route continues to the east and reaches the 1356 m high Crowsnest Pass. At this, the border with the province of Alberta, the Highway leads from there as Highway 3 to the east.


Manning Park

The Manning Park, both of Vancouver as to reach the Okanagan valley of light, is a popular tourist destination. It is located in the highest areas of the cascade chain and is drained by the Similkameen River and the Skagit River. The park includes many habitats and is known for its many hiking trails.

Okanagan Valley

The valley is drained by the Okanagan River and contains numerous lakes. Although the climate is very dry, there are numerous orchards and growing viticulture due to good irrigation facilities.