British Columbia Highway 91

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Metro Vancouver

The Highway 91 in the Canadian province of British Columbia has a length of approximately 46 km. It is located in the Greater Metro Vancouver and runs from Highway 99 to Highway 99 in Delta, Richmond. It is therefore an alternative route to Highway 99 in the south of Vancouver.


On the banks of boundery Bay Highway 91 branches off to the north of Highway 99. After about two kilometers branches off from Highway 91 Highway 10 eastbound from. The highway follows in a northwesterly direction, parallel is a railway line and the boundary of the Watershed Park. From the exit to 72nd Avenue, the highway is expanded as a freeway. The subsequent crossing of the Fraser River via the Alex Fraser Bridge, which was opened in 1986. The bridge itself is expanded to six lanes and has a total length of 2525 m. North of the Fraser follows the Highway in a westerly direction and pushes in Richmond at the Richmond Nature Park again on Highway 99

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