White Rock (British Columbia)

White Rock is a small town in the western Canadian province of British Columbia and is located in the southern part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.


White Rock is located approximately 30 kilometers south of Vancouver and is enclosed on three sides by the municipality of Surrey. By the fourth page of the site is located on the Semiahmoo Bay to the Strait of Georgia.

A portion of the urban area is the Semiahmoo Reserve.


Its name refers to a white rock, around which a history of Semiahmoo climbs.

The official founding of the church took place only in 1957. However, the history of the settlement goes further back, since before settlement by Europeans, the area was already settlements and hunting grounds of the First Nation.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 19,339 inhabitants for the town. The population has thereby increased since the census of 2006 at 0.8 %, while the population grew throughout the Province of British Columbia at the same time by 7.0%.


The granting of local autonomy for the church took place on April 15, 1957 ( incorporated as the City).

Mayor of Wayne Baldwin. Together with six other citizens, it forms the Council of the Town ( council).


Most jobs are in the field of trade and transport. Other major employment area, the education, health and social affairs.

The average income (median income ) of an employee from White Rock in 2005 was at C $ 30,197, well above the average income of the entire province of British Columbia from C $ 24 867.


In the community, or, in their field settings were filmed several movies. The best-known of which is likely the X-Files - The Files to be. Also settings for the short film The Railrodder with Buster Keaton were filmed here. Furthermore, turned most exterior shots of the series Psych here.