Lions Bay

Lions Bay is a small town in the western Canadian province of British Columbia and is part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.


Lions Bay is located and about 20 kilometers north of Vancouver on Highway 99, also called the Sea-to- Sky Highway. The place is right on Howe Sound, an inlet of the Strait of Georgia. In the eastern hinterland of the North Shore Mountains close to, the best known mountain is The Lions (1646 m). On the summit ridge projecting two prominent rocks in the amount that look from a distance like two lions' heads.


The present site of the village Lions Bay was originally used as a summer camp for the St. Mark's Church of Kitsilano. The commissioning of a railway line in 1954 and the construction of highways in 1958 were the basis for ensuring that more and more people settled in the region. On January 2, 1971, the " Village of Lions Bay " was founded as an unincorporated community.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 1,318 inhabitants for the community. The population has thereby decreased compared to the census of 2006 at 0.8 %, while the population in British Columbia grew by 7.0 % at the same time.


Due to its prominent location on the waterfront of the town has a marina and various, used as a tourist facilities for water sports. The town is also the starting point for mountain tours to the North Shore Mountains.


Was known to many Lions Bay as the location for the science fiction series Battlestar Galactica. A villa on the shore serves as Villa of the scientist Gaius Baltar.