British Columbia Highway 29

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The Highway 29 in the western Canadian province of British Columbia is located in the northeast of the province.

It starts at the southern edge of Tumbler Ridge and leads first to the northwest, then northeast. He ends after 234 km at Charlie Lake on Highway 97


The highway branches off from Highway 52 heading west. It runs along the valley of Bull Moose Creeks, but leaves it again, as it turns to the southwest. Northwesterly The highway follows the direction and tangential to the Gwillim Lake Provincial Park. Further to the north west, the route leads into the valley of Sukunka River past Twidwell Bend to Chetwynd. There abuts Highway 29 on the eastern outskirts of the village for the first time on Highway 97 and extends about 1 km in conjunction with this to the west. In the center of Chetwynd, the highways divide again, Highway 29 follows the north and meets the Moberly Lake. The highway runs along the north shore, at the end of the lake, the highway runs back to the northwest to the Peace River. He followed this in a northeasterly direction to Bear Flat. The highway follows to the east towards Charlie Lake, where he then ends on Highway 97 northwest of Fort St. John.