British Columbia Highway 1

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  • Capital
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  • Nanaimo
  • Metro Vancouver
  • Fraser Valley
  • Thompson - Nicola
  • Columbia - Shuswap

Highway 1 in British Columbia is a part of the Trans - Canada Highway system, which connects Canada's West with the East. The highway begins in Victoria on Vancouver Iceland. After 124 kilometers, it is interrupted by a ferry. After 1050 km (excluding ferry route ) it reaches the Kicking Horse Pass, the province of Alberta border and goes there in the Highway 1 in Alberta over.

  • 2.1 Victoria
  • 2.2 Goldstream Provincial Park
  • 2.3 Nanaimo
  • 2.4 Vancouver
  • 2.5 Fraser Canyon
  • 2.6 Mount Revelstoke National Park
  • 2.7 Glacier National Park
  • 2.8 Yoho National Park
  • 3.1 Portmann
  • 3.2 Removing section Kamloops to Golden
  • 3.3 Kicking Horse Canyon

Route description

Vancouver Iceland

The highway begins with the so-called Mile Zero in Victoria at the southern end of town, near the Pacific coast as a branch of the Dallas Road. The Mile Zero is - The marked with a memorial stone Douglas Street runs first north through a residential area along the Beacon Hill Park. At the north end of the park branches off Highway 17. This highway follows through the center of Victoria as a parallel road. From this branch of the Highway 1 is expanded as a four-lane road. North of the center of Victoria, the highway turns westward. He clips the community View Royal and then enters the city of Langford. There branches off from Highway 14 to the south. In Goldstream the highway heading north then runs. In Duncan Highway 18 branches off to the west from Lake Cowichan. Between Lady Westholme and Smithe parallel Highway 1A. South of Nanaimo is the Nanaimo Airport, which is accessible by Highway 1. North of the Airport Highway 19 branches off from that unlocks the northern areas of Vancouver Iceland. Highway 1 runs through Downtown Nanaimo and then ends first at the Departure Bay ferry terminal. Ferries from Vancouver BC Ferries connect Iceland with Horseshoe Bay. Since Highway 1 takes on Vancouver Iceland, it is sometimes called from Iceland Highway.

Metro Vancouver

The Highway begins on the Canadian mainland in Horseshoe Bay and follows in a southerly direction, he crosses it the Metro Vancouver from northwest to southeast. To the north from there on Highway 99 towards Whistler. To the south, the road is excellent in double award as Highway 1 and Highway 99 as. The highway leads east through West Vancouver, there branches off to the south again on Highway 99. In North Vancouver, the highway turns south again. With the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Burrard Inlet is crossed. The center of Vancouver with the district Barneby is cut, followed by the crossing of the Fraser River to the Port Mann Bridge. The highway now leads out to the southwest of the city. As major cities in Greater Vancouver are Langley, developed, this is done by the Highways 15 and 10 as the last major junction in the Metro Vancouver acts Highway 13, which leads south to Washington.

Southern Inland

The first city outside the Greater Vancouver is Abbotsford. There crosses Highway 1 Highway 11, which runs from the border with the United States Mission. The highway turns northeast and follows the valley of the Fraser River. East of Chilliwack branches off from Highway 9 to Harrison Hot Springs. Hope is an important hub in southern British Columbia. Highway 1 follows the Fraser River to the north, west of Highway 3, known also performs under the name Crowsnest Highway, branching from the 2 km parallel to Highway 1 leading Highway 5. North of Hope joins Highway 7, which runs from Vancouver forth along the north bank of the Fraser River, Highway 1 in the The route runs north through the Fraser Canyon. Lead along the riverside and both west and east ever a railway line, the highway follows the west bank of the river to the Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park, from where he runs along the eastern shore. In Lytton Highway 12 branches off to the north, this follows on the Fraser River. Highway 1, however, follow the Thompson River to the northeast. In Spences Bridges Highway 8 meets on Highway 1 and south of Cache Creek Highway 97C. The coming of Northwest Highway 97 leads the next 72 km east of joint award. In Kamloops comes from the South Highway 5 Again, this runs parallel to Highway 1/97 until you reach the end of Kamloops, where it branches off to the north. In Monte Creek, Highway 1 and 97 separate again, Highway 97 leads south to the valley of the Okanagan River.

Columbia Mountains

The road to the Columbia Mountains is gradual. Until the Little Shuswap Lake Highway follows further the Thompson River, after which the southern shore of Shuswap Lake is bypassed. In Salmon joins Highway 97B and Highway 97A in Sicamous each coming from the south to the Highway 1 In Revelstoke Columbia River is crossed, there will also culminate Highway 23 in the Trans-Canada Highway. Mount Revelstoke National Park is touched at its southern edge. A few kilometers behind the road leads across the Glacier National Park. There, the route leads over the 1,330 m high Rogers Pass. The Columbia Mountains are left on the way to Golden again.

Rocky Mountains

In Golden, the ascent begins in the Rocky Mountains. To the south from the Highway 95 branches. The somewhat smaller Yoho National Park is located on the west side of the Rocky Mountains. The end of the highway is achieved at the Kicking Horse Pass, this is also the highest point of 1627 m of the entire Trans - Canada Highway.



→ Main article: Victoria

Victoria is the provincial capital of British Columbia. Along the highway there are many notable places. The beginning of the highway is symbolized by the Mile Zero memorial stone. Just north, the Beacon Hill Park, a 24.8 hectare not very small inner city park. Just north of the park, the Royal British Columbia Museum. A popular photo motif are installed in front of the Museum totem poles. Directly behind the museum is the building of the Parliament of British Columbia.

Goldstream Provincial Park

→ Main article: Goldstream Provincial Park

The Goldstream Provincial Park is located 16 km northwest of Victoria. He is best known for its large salmon stocks, its up to 600 year old trees and populations of many animal species.


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The harbor city of Nanaimo has a gateway to the north of Vancouver Iceland importance. From here, the north of the island through Highway 19 is provision of public transport. More traffic engineering relevance of the ports of the city, both the ferry ports connecting to the mainland and other islands in the Strait of Georgia as well as the commercial port, which is used by the timber industry ensure the position of the city.


→ Main article: Vancouver

Vancouver is the largest city in the province is of great importance in several respects: Vancouver is crucial transportation hub in western Canada due to its road connections, its airport and the port. Furthermore Vancouver endpoint of several important railway lines. In addition, Vancouver is due to the location of great tourist interest. So in 2010, 8.4 million visitors came to Vancouver.

Fraser Canyon

The canyon is a scenic route through which the Fraser River runs. Along the river are located in both the western and the eastern shore depending on a railway line, each served by the competing companies Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway. The Hell's Gate is a particular highlight along the canyon, where the mountain slopes extend to both sides of the Fraser River about 1000 m above the river bed.

Mount Revelstoke National Park

→ Main article: Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mount Revelstoke National Park is a somewhat lesser-known national park in the Columbia Mountains. Center of the park is the 1860 m high Mt Revelstoke. The park, on the one known for its wildflower meadows on the other hand due to the fact that the world's only temperate rain forest located in the inland here.

Glacier National Park

→ Main article: Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park is known for its hiking and climbing opportunities. Due to the location of the park west of the Rocky Mountains, this leads to very steep slope rainfall, as heavy rain and in the winter you will find in the summer to snow. New snow depth up to 17 m per year are not uncommon.

Yoho National Park

→ Main article: Yoho National Park

The park is the most easterly national park on the route from Highway 1 through British Columbia. Major sights on or adjacent to the highway are the Takakkaw Falls and the Wapta Falls and Emerald Lake. However, it also lead numerous hiking trails through the park.

Expansion projects


The expansion of the section between McGill St in Vancouver and 216th St in Langley includes several sections:

After release of the first lanes of the Port Mann Bridge a toll of $ 3 per vehicle is expected to be collected. This is planned for the end of 2012. The completion of the entire project is expected in late 2013, the project includes an investment volume of around $ 3 billion.

Expansion section Kamloops to Golden

The highway is to be renovated section by section. Next, the section between Hilltop Rd and Balmoral Rd in Sorrento stands on, it carried a four-lane expansion and an increase in the speed limit to 100 km / h $ 25 million has been programmed for this section.

Kicking Horse Canyon

The tricky expansion of highways in the east of the province was estimated at 958 million dollars. Have been completed subprojects four-lane expansion in the amount of the Yoho Bridge and construction of the park bridge. The other two sub-projects include a four-lane expansion west of Yoho National Park and the expansion of the connection to Highway 95

User charges

For the use of a highway road no fee will be charged in British Columbia as a rule. However, as the route passes through national parks, Parks Canada charges a park use fee. The parking fee is due when the night is spent in the National Park, ie the transit through the parks in one day is free of charge. At the entrance to Yoho National Park is located just off the road a toll booth, the fee in the respective Visitors Center must be purchased for the Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Park.


The town of Tofino on Vancouver Iceland had hoped that the Trans - Canada Highway will be extended to the Pacific coast. To this end, it has already set up a shield that is supposed to represent the beginning of the highway.