British Columbia Highway 21

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Central Kootenay

The Highway 21 in British Columbia is a compound of the border between Canada and the United States with Highway 3, with a length of 14 km, it starts at the border north of Port Hill and ends west of Creston.


The beginning of the highway is located at the border crossing Rykerts. It represents the extension of State Highways 1 in Idaho dar. east of the highway lies the municipality Rykerts and Rykerts Lake. To the west is a small water aerodrome Rykerts Water Dome. The highway follows the parallel Kootenay Rivers in the north. Through the Highway communities Huscroft and Lyster be developed, both located east of the route. East of the highway is then finally Creston, past the center of the village flows the highway then finally northwest of the town on Highway 3, the Crowsnest Highway.

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