British Columbia Highway 28

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  • Strathcona

The British Columbia Highway 28 is located on Vancouver Iceland. It runs from Campbell River in a south-westerly direction to Gold River. West of the church ends of the highway on the Muchalat Inlets Ferry. The highway has a total length of 88 km.


The highway begins in Campbell River, there it branches off to the west of Highway 19. It leads directly west of the city by the Elk Falls Provincial Park, a 1087 acre park, which is a popular tourist destination. The highway follows a south-westerly direction and touches the eastern shore of Campbell Lake. On his way to the west, the road overcomes the Vancouver Iceland Ranges. The highway runs along the eastern shore of Upper Campbell Lakes and leads over a bridge at the narrows between Upper Campbell Lake and Buttle Lake. Then the route continues to follow the shore of Upper Campbell Lakes. At its western end, the route follows the Gold River, it runs through the northern part of Strathcona Provincial Park, the largest provincial park on Vancouver Iceland. West of the park, the community of Gold River is reached. The road passes through the village and ends at the Muchalat Inlets, from where the western islands can be reached by water taxi ferry terminal.