Buttle Lake

Myra Falls at the southern end of the lake

The Buttle Lake is a 28 km ² large lake on Vancouver Iceland in the province of British Columbia in Canada.

It is located in Strathcona Provincial Park to 221 m above sea level and here the Campbell River has its origin. At the northern outflow, the transition to the Upper Campbell Lake, the lake from Highway 28, between the towns of Campbell River and Gold River, striped. The up to 120 m deep lake was named in honor of Commander John Buttle, who explored the area in 1860.

Within the Strathcona Provincial Park, two campsites are right on the lake. At the northern end of the lake, the campsite Buttle Lake is located. At this campsite is also a small island belongs with several campgrounds. At the southern end of the lake is the place Ralph River. The lake is circled on the eastern and southern sides of a road, which was originally used to supply a nearby mine.

Also located at the southern end of the lake the Myra Falls. This waterfall falls into several cascades total of over 61 meters. The last part, the Lower Myra Falls, it crashes right into the lake.