British Columbia Highway 14

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The Highway 14 of the Canadian province of British Columbia is located on the island of Vancouver Iceland. The highway begins in Langford and is 99 km in the Port Renfrew.


The highway branches off in Langford from Highway 1 to the south. He strikes the coming from the east Sooke Rd on the teeing back and extends further to the west. In Saseenos, a suburb of Sooke, abuts the highway on the west coast of Vancouver Iceland. The highway follows the coast in a westerly direction through Sooke. The following almost 70 km to Port Renfrew run along the coast; even though the highway is often only a few meters from the shore, one of the Pacific does not see because dense forest blocks the view. The highway ends in Port Renfrew in the center of the community. The extension of the highway leads back into the interior of the island to Lake Cowichan where it meets Highway 18