Chetwynd (British Columbia)

Chetwynd is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The city is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in the northeast of the province, and has 2,635 inhabitants.


Precursor of the city was a small trading post, which was operated until the 30s of the 20th century. At this time came settlers in the area of Peace River, discoveries of coal and oil made ​​the area more attractive. During this time, called this settlement area still Little Prairie. The area was showing the construction of Highway 97, the large parts of the Alaska Highway, opened up, still a railway connecting the Northern Alberta Railways was built. In honor of a local politician Ralph L.T. Chetwynd, the place was renamed to Chetwynd and was then on September 25, 1962 due to the rise in settler numbers the granting of local self-government (incorporated as the Village of Chetwynd ) for the community. The settlements around Chetwynd were merged administratively and as the District of Chetwynd was founded in 1983.

Geography and climate

In a former flood area on the northwestern edge of the Rocky Mountains Chetwynd was created. Surrounded by beautiful forests begin in the east of the municipality of the prairie landscapes that characterize the neighboring province of Alberta. The climate is cool in Chetwynd marked continental, which leads to cold winters and warm summers.


The fate of the municipality determines the local council ( Council) consisting of the mayor, Merlin Nichols, and six other aldermen.

The city is represented in the Parliament of British Columbia by Blair fault leak of the British Columbia Liberal Party ( Constituency: Peace River South ), Blair fault leak has also held the office of Minister of Transport of the province. At the federal level represents Bob Room of the Conservative Party of Canada the constituency of Prince George - Peace River.


In Chetwynd is unlike in the majority of the remaining province of British Columbia the Mountain Standard Time ( MST) application. Another difference is that no daylight saving time was introduced, ie in summer, the watches are no difference to the rest of the province.


The municipality is crossed by two highways. Highway 97 runs through the entire province in north-south direction. To the south is the nearest large city of Prince George, North to Dawson Creek, where Highway 97 leads further than Alaska Highway. The second highway in Chetwynd, Highway 26 has no national significance. However, it opens up the surrounding area to Chetwynd around and connects to Tumbler Ridge and Hudson 's Hope dar.

The small Chetwynd Airport ( IATA: YCQ, ICAO: CYCQ ) is located in the south of the municipality. He has only one paved runway, and runway of 1,366 meters in length.