Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The Pacific Rim National Park ( english Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada, French Réserve de parc national du Canada Pacific Rim ) is located on the west coast of Vancouver Iceland in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It consists of Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands and the West Coast Trail. Founded in 1970 and formulaic proclaimed by Princess Anne, the park on February 19, 2001 under the Canada National Parks Act ( CNPA ) was converted to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve ( PRNPR ) to implement the participation of First Nations. The park is under Parks Canada and has a total area of 511 km ², while its length is about 130 km. He now draws nearly a million visitors per year.

The dominant tree species is Sitka spruce. During the months of March and October can already be seen from the coast gray whales along the Pacific coast draw between their winter and summer roosts. In the more sheltered bays and Large orcas live ( Orcas ).


The park consists of three parts, which are separated by water surfaces.

Long Beach

The Long -Beach- region of the National Park attracts by far the most visitors. It extends south of Clayoquot Sound along the coast between Tofino and Ucluelet and consists of long sandy beaches, interrupted by forested hills and the immediate hinterland of the coastal strip. The Long Beach area has a variety of well-developed, but carefully integrated into the landscape hiking trails. Frequently provides explanations of flora and fauna as well as the specificity of local rain forest in the temperate latitudes.

Broken Group Islands

The Broken Group Islands region consists of about one hundred small islands in Barkley Sound. The largest islands are Effingham, Turret, turtle, Dudd, Jacques, Nettle and Gibraltar Iceland. From Sechart and Toquart Bay consists of a boat service to the islands.

West Coast Trail

The southernmost section of the Pacific Rim National Park is the West Coast Trail. He is one of the most famous and hardest depending on weather conditions hiking trails in Canada. The trail is 75 km long and stretches along the west coast of Vancouver Iceland between Port Renfrew and Bamfield. In 1907 was begun to expand this path to help shipwrecked, quickly make it back to civilization. In 1910 the road was completed. It was in use until the 1950s for its original purpose, but lost thanks to technological progress in the maritime importance. In 1970, he was renamed the West Coast Trail known today, a very demanding path that leads visitors along the cliffs, rain forests and over rocky or swampy terrain. Experienced hikers can tackle the path in about a week. In order to preserve the nature of the negative effects of a massive use of this path, the number of walkers is at 52 per day limited ( does not apply to day trips ). The path has been expanded in recent years more and more.

The Quu'as Partnership, a corporate joint venture of Pacheedaht, Ditidaht and Huu -ay -aht with Parks Canada, provides for the maintenance of the trails.

Information obtained in the park's Info Centre and the Wickaninnish Centre. The numerous tasks in the park have ensured that he has become one of the largest employers in the region.