The Canadian Fundy National Park (English Fundy National Park of Canada, French Parc national du Canada Fundy ) is located on the Bay of Fundy near the village of Alma in the province of New Brunswick ( New Brunswick ). The park has both seacoast and coastal forests, the park area covers an area of 206 km ². The park is from the New Brunswick Route 114 crosses ( a highway second order ).

Fundy National Park is simultaneously also the core area of a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, which was established in 2007, Represents the area in 2011 reported in full as Dark Sky Preserve ( light protected area, Fundy Dark Sky Preserve ).

At low tide you can reach the ocean floor, more than nine meters located at high tide under the water surface. About a wrong track and the forest and the swamp area are accessible. More than 20 waterfalls located on the park grounds.

In the 19th century, was at the park is a sawmill that produced wood for the nearby city of Saint John and for export. Once situated in area forests were like, it was abandoned by the people; in 1948, it eventually became New Brunswick 's first national park.