Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

The Gulf Islands National Park (English Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada, French Réserve de parc national du Canada des Îles - Gulf) is the 40th National Park in Canada. He was declared on 9 May 2003 to the National Park and is located in the province of British Columbia ( western Canada ) with an area of 36 km ². It includes areas designated on 15 islands of the Gulf Islands as well as a variety of rocks and reefs.

The park was expanded in October 2012 to a total of around 100 hectares on three different islands, new areas were partly purchased by private owners, some of these donated or transferred from levels of government to the federal administration and Parks Canada.


The Gulf Islands National Park is located on the southeastern tip of Vancouver Iceland. The park includes numerous small and tiny islands where time means ( Campground, moorage, Picnic Area, ...) or more facilities are available.


  • Vancouver Iceland with Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Operations Centre
  • McDonald Campground

Also include

  • Inner Islands with Russell Iceland
  • Portland Iceland (Princess Margaret )
  • Brackman Iceland
  • Isle- de -Lis
  • Sidney Iceland
  • D' Arcy Iceland
  • Dock Islet, Isabella Islet, Imrie Iceland, Grieg Iceland, Iceland Reay, Littöe Group, Sallas skirt, skirt Unit
  • North Pender Iceland
  • South Pender Iceland
  • Blunden Islet
  • Prevost Iceland
  • Channel Iceland
  • Red Islets, Bright Islet, Hawkins Islet
  • Saturna Iceland
  • Tumbo Iceland
  • Cabbage Iceland
  • Mayne Iceland
  • Georgeson Iceland

A national park.