Opened on March 24, 1927 Prince Albert National Park (English Prince Albert National Park of Canada, French Parc national du Canada de Prince Albert ) is a Canadian National Park in the province of Saskatchewan ( southern Canada ).

It has an area of 3874 km ² and is located in the center of the province ( the nearest town is Prince Albert, Saskatoon is located 200 km south ). The park altitudes of 488 meters in the west to 724 m in the east and includes many forest areas, some prairie areas as well as numerous lakes, one-fifth of the park is covered with water. There are about 1500 flowing and standing waters with 23 species of fish. It is known for its park, around 400 animals comprehensive herd of plains bison. On Ajawaan Lake is a small museum of Grey Owl. The park is open all year.

The Prince Albert National Park was until the opening of Grasslands National Park is the only national park in the province.