The Aulavik National Park (English Aulavik National Park of Canada, French Parc national du Canada Aulavik ) is a Canadian national park was established in 1992 on the bench Island in the Northwest Territories.

He is known mainly because of the Thomsen River, one of the northernmost navigable rivers in North America. The completely treeless park is open to visitors and protects an area of ​​about 12,274 km ² arctic plain at the north end of the island. The cheapest way to visit the park is to charter a plane. There are four landing sites (as of 2005). Aulavik is a polar desert with often strong winds. The average rainfall is about 300 mm per year. In the south of the park, a vegetation -poor plateau is 450 meters above sea level.


On the island, an estimated 68000-80000 musk ox, which is the world's largest population. About 20 percent of them live in the National Park, which is also home to the endangered Peary caribou reindeer species and Greenland Reindeer. During the year, 43 different species of birds live in the park, of which only the ptarmigan and the raven stay throughout the year. In the National Park Headquartered raptors are the snowy owl, the rough-legged buzzard, the gyrfalcon and peregrine falcons. Furthermore, the brown lemming, the northern collar lemming, wolves, arctic foxes and arctic hares occur.