The Girobio - Giro d' Italia Dilettanti (English: Girobio - Giro d' Italia Dilettanti under 27; officially also Ciclistico Giro d'Italia ), also known as the Baby Giro, is an Italian bicycle race, a shortened version for young drivers of the three -week tour of Giro d' Italia.

Participation in the stage race is limited to riders who have not attained 26 years of age. Among the winners, many drivers are found to have been very successful later, such as Marco Pantani, Danilo Di Luca, Gilberto Simoni, Piotr Ugrumow or Francesco Moser. The race was held for the first time since 1970 and is held annually, with the exception of 1987 and 2005. It belongs to the UCI Europe Tour and is classified in category 2.2.

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