Hallberg -Rassy AB (HR ) is a shipyard for ocean-going sailing yachts in Ellos on the island Orust, Västra Götaland, Sweden ( about 50 km north of Gothenburg ). The company is known for building high quality boats 31-64 feet in length for cruising sailors.



Hallberg -Rassy is due to two competing shipyards of Sweden Harry Hallberg and grew up on Lake Starnberg German Christoph Rassy. Hallberg began in 1928 wooden boats to konstruieren.1943 he began to build its own shipyard in Kungsviken, which is located on the west of the Swedish mainland located Orust. After some improvised individual productions, the first series- ships were named Folkeboot and Kungskryssaren. In 1963 Hallberg one of the first yacht builders the trend to ship hulls made ​​of wood with an outer shell made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. This technique was first used in the self-drawn Hallberg P -28, which was 550 times, especially in Sweden and North America sold.

Mid-1960s, the company reached a size such that the yard was no longer sufficient in Kungsviken and held a parade in the southern, also located on Orust Ellos. The old shipyard building was purchased by Christoph Rassy. Rassy learned the shipbuilding in a situated on Bodenseewerft. However, their ships came in their size not to ocean-going sailing yachts zoom, why Rassy be reoriented to Sweden and at a shipyard in Nötesund, also located on Orust, found work. There he not only worked for the shipyard but also used the evenings to yourself to build a wooden boat. With this boat he later won Regatta silver and then gave the boat more profitable. During this time Rassy acquired the shipyard building in Kungsviken. There he dealt first with the construction of single parts from solid wood. The first 35 feet long boat series called Rasmus 35 and was drafted in 1966 by the world-renowned ship designer Olle Enderlein. The first two ships had a body made ​​of mahogany, from 1969 fiberglass reinforced plastic was used. Feature of the Rasmus 35 was protected by a windshield Central cockpit, a strong engine, and a rear cabin. These features are to be found today at Hallberg- Rassy yachts. From the Rasmus 35 there was also a German under license with the name NAB 35

Hallberg -Rassy

1972 took over Christoph Rassy Ellöser the shipyard, both the building and the company, by Harry Hallberg. The now the name Harry Hallsbergs shipbuilding industry supporting shipyard was then in Hallberg -Rassy, short HR, renamed because the name and thus the Hallberg brand was already established on the world market. In 1973 the first model of the new company, Monsun 31, out, which could be sold to 1983 904 times. In 1974, the idea of HR 41, the allowable first yacht of its kind a walk upright along the entire length of the boat. In 1975, the shipyard area was doubled. The HR 38 introduced in 1976 was the first blue ribbon at the side of the fuselage, which is a badge of Hallberg -Rassy yachts up today. 802 copies were sold by 1977 featured HR 352. The 1982 introduced HR 49 has long been the flagship of the offer. Magnus Rassy, the son of Christoph Rassy constructed, with 16 years of excellent with plenty Regatta Silver Rassker whose negative stern with bathing platform and outboard keel has already allowed a glimpse into the future of Hallberg -Rassy yachts.

The 1987 procured computer-controlled milling machine enabled previously unimaginable accuracy in boat construction. In the same year Hallberg- Rassy also took over Marin Plast AB, who specializes in the lamination of boat shells. Thus, the construction of a yacht in only one company was possible. Since 1988 a successful collaboration with the Argentinean yacht designer German Frers, who gave the yachts shipyard a sporty touch without having lost the character as pure ships exist.

In total, over 8,900 ships of Hallberg -Rassy have been built. On almost every amateur sea regatta HR yachts are represented. One of the owners was Rollo Gebhard, who from 1983 to 1991 with his wife on the Solveig IV, a Hallberg -Rassy 42 (length 12.9 m), an extended circumnavigation ( 120,000 kilometers ), including a six-month non-stop journey made ​​.

Hallberg -Rassy has representatives throughout Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. The company is run by the second generation of Magnus Rassy since 2003. It is 100 % family owned ( Rassy ). The production volume is about 155 units per year. 2008, some sailing yachts of Hallberg -Rassy appeared briefly in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace on.


" The Swedish Shipyard Hallberg -Rassy has an international reputation when it comes to blue water sailing. Besides the good properties under sail and engine, the reputation is based mainly on its solid construction and the high standard of equipment. "

" Hallberg -Rassy yachts are generally designed more for longer cruises. Circumnavigations Atlantic crossings, life evening on the yacht: For this purpose the quality but also high-priced HR boats are made ​​. Produced in small quantities and with great care have the HR yachts such a good value retention as a few other yards. "


Currently, the following ships are offered:

  • Hallberg -Rassy 310
  • Hallberg -Rassy 342
  • Hallberg -Rassy 37
  • Hallberg -Rassy 372
  • Hallberg -Rassy 40
  • Hallberg -Rassy 412
  • Hallberg -Rassy 43 Mk II
  • Hallberg -Rassy 48
  • Hallberg -Rassy 54
  • Hallberg -Rassy 62
  • Hallberg -Rassy 64

Earlier ships were:

  • Hallberg -Rassy Misil I
  • Hallberg -Rassy 24 ( Misil II)
  • Hallberg -Rassy 28
  • Hallberg -Rassy P -28
  • Hallberg -Rassy 29
  • Hallberg- Rassy 31 - Monsoon
  • Hallberg -Rassy 312 (MK I, MK II)
  • Hallberg- Rassy 31 ( Mk I, Mk II)
  • Hallberg -Rassy 94 ( Cutter )
  • Hallberg -Rassy 32 ( Mistress )
  • Hallberg -Rassy 33 ( Mistral )
  • Hallberg -Rassy 34
  • Hallberg -Rassy 35 (original name Rasmus 35)
  • Hallberg -Rassy 352
  • Hallberg -Rassy 36
  • Hallberg -Rassy 38
  • Hallberg -Rassy 382
  • Hallberg -Rassy 39
  • Hallberg -Rassy 41
  • Hallberg -Rassy 42 ( Olle Enderlein designer )
  • Hallberg -Rassy 42 (constructor German Frers )
  • Hallberg -Rassy 45
  • Hallberg -Rassy 46
  • Hallberg -Rassy 49
  • Hallberg -Rassy 53


Hallberg -Rassy is the host of the annual Hallberg- Rassy Regatta in Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, the U.S. ( east and west coast ) and in the Mediterranean since 2004 Punta Ala ( Tuscany).


Hallberg -Rassy has for decades been the winner of various awards:

  • In January 2004, the shipyard at the boot Dusseldorf was the " trophy boot Dusseldorf " awarded.
  • 2003 Hallberg -Rassy was awarded in Stockholm awarded the " Sailboat of the Show award."
  • In the same year the U.S. journal American Cruising World Magazine, the Hallberg -Rassy 43 chose to American Best Midsize Cruiser and Overall Cruising Boat of the Year.

2010 Hallberg -Rassy has been revered for European Yacht of the Year in the Luxury Cruiser category