The district Hamburg-Nord is a district of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It is bordered on the north by the state of Schleswig- Holstein, on the east by the district Wandsbek, to the south by the district Hamburg-Mitte and to the west by the district Eimsbuettel.

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  • 3.2 Nature Reserves


The district office of Hamburg -Nord ( ⊙ 53.59014329.9841734 ) is located in an administration building by Paul Seitz at the Kümmellstraße 5 The building was built in 1953/1959 and is a listed building. In February 2014, the premises including building was sold to the contractor Richard Ditting GmbH.

The district is divided into 13 Districts, as well as:

  • The regional area Eppendorf Winterhude with the districts Eppendorf, High air - East and Winterhude,
  • The regional area Fuhlsbiittel - Long Horn Alstersdorf with the districts Alstersdorf, Fuhlsbüttel, Groß Borstel, Long Horn and Ohlsdorf and
  • The regional area Barmbek- Uhlenhorst - Hohenfelde - Dulsberg with the districts Barmbek -Süd, Barmbek -Nord, Dulsberg, Hohenfelde Uhlenhorst.

All three regional areas have administrative side via a Regional Officer who coordinates the administrative activities for the regional area in the district office. In addition, there is one five ten-member regional committee as local technical committee of the District Assembly.


For the election to citizenship and the District Assembly, 2011, the district Hamburg-Nord was divided into constituencies Eppendorf Winterhude, Barmbek- Uhlenhorst - Dulsberg and Fuhlsbiittel - Alstersdorf - Long Horn.

In the election for District Assembly of 2011, the SPD won 24 mandates ( 7) and was the first time since the 2001 elections again strongest faction. The CDU came up with 12 (-7), the Greens at 9 ( 1) and the FDP ( ± 0) and the left (-1) on each of 3 seats. Other parties were not successful.

District Manager

Culture and sights


  • Cemetery Ohlsdorf
  • City park in Winterhude
  • Alster ( headwaters )

Nature Reserves

  • Conservation Raakmoor in Long Horn,
  • Nature reserve Rothstein Moor ( ⊙ 53.64757989.9909889 ) in Long Horn
  • Nature reserve Eppendorf Moor in Groß Borstel


Hamburg Airport is located in Hamburg- Fuhlsbüttel. In addition to the metro lines 1 and 3 and the S -Bahn line 1 runs through the district.


  • " Former Chancellor " Helmut Schmidt lives in Hamburg -Nord, Hamburg- long horn in the district.
  • Wolfgang Borchert, German writer, was born in 1921 in Eppendorf and attended the later named after him, Wolfgang- Borchert -Schule ( pre- Erica - school).
  • Ernst Thalmann, the today still remember the Ernst- Thalmann -Platz and the DKP near Ernst- Thalmann memorial.
  • Samy Deluxe, Rapper, attended the comprehensive school Eppendorf.
  • Jan Delay (Jan Eißfeldt ), rapper of the group Beginner, says " long ago is" in the track together with Samy Deluxe about his youth in Hamburg- Eppendorf.
  • Fabius, singer, actor and musical performer. Having grown up in Eppendorf, attended the Wolfgang- Borchert -Schule. He now plays in various musical pieces and Ohnsorg Theater Hamburg in particular in the Rock Revue "Wi rocks op Platt ".
  • Dirk Fischer, MP, politician of the CDU
  • Uwe Seeler, scorer of Hamburger SV, grew up in Eppendorf.