Harald Schmidt (TV series)

  • Harald Schmidt
  • Manuel Andrack as Sidekick (2004-2007)

Harald Schmidt was a late-night show on the first, which was moderated by Harald Schmidt between 23 December 2004, and June 14, 2007 and was since 17 September 2009 in a revised version back on the air. On 2 June 2011, the latest edition of Harald Schmidt ran in first.


Harald Schmidt was the successor mission of the Harald Schmidt Show of the German TV channel Sat.1, which was discontinued on 23 December 2003 after Schmidt had his contract not be renewed shortly. The ARD expressed early interest, Schmidt again retrieve the ARD program. As Der Tagesspiegel reported, Schmidt was after leaving Sat.1 with the then Chairman ARD and NDR director Jobst Plog in contact. Contract negotiations had been operated but seriously only after the deposition of the transmitted Sat.1 Harald Schmidt Show successor mission Anke Late Night. Jobst Plog stated that the contract initially run with Schmidt to July 2006 ( doped with approximately 9.7 million euros per year). Per shipment were approximately 150,000 euros available to the pure production costs were estimated in industry circles to approximately 30,000 euros per show. The ARD announced to want to Harald Schmidt finance through savings in football rights. The total was provided by the renunciation of the broadcasting of UEFA Cup matches in the First.

History of broadcast

The first broadcast in December 2004 was still a pre - broadcast, aired exactly one year after the last mission of the Harald Schmidt Show on Sat.1 and Schmidt still with long hair and full beard moderated. The first regular broadcast was followed on 19 January 2005. Broadcast dates were initially regularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays around 23:00 clock in the first program. The date on Thursday fell once a month in favor of the cabaret show wipers. In early 2007 the broadcast time has been given to 22:45 clock. The show was repeated in almost all third party programs on the same evening or on weekends.

The last issue ( a 45-minute "Best of" ) was broadcast on 14 June 2007. Harald Schmidt was replaced after the summer break from 25 October 2007 by the new mission Schmidt & Pocher that once Thursdays limited to a broadcast week, but was with 60 minutes twice as long. The place on Wednesday night was for Frank Plasberg and the talk show hard but fair vacated.

Schmidt & Pocher was equal moderated by Schmidt and Oliver Pocher. The Personnel Pocher was critically evaluated, especially in some feature pages of its notification. A return to the format of Harald Schmidt Show and Harald Schmidt joined Schmidt told SPIEGEL shortly after the last Harald Schmidt show, because he basically had no more interest in a late-night show. September 17, 2009 Schmidt returned with a new weekly format, under the old title Harald Schmidt in the ARD back.


First term of (2004-2007)

A Harald Schmidt show lasted 30 minutes. The show was recorded at each broadcast day either by 19 clock before an audience or even broadcast live when needed. From the first broadcast to the end of 2005 sent " Harald Schmidt " from the newly established Studio 2 of the production complex Studio 449 in Cologne -Mülheim. Since January 2006, was sent from the larger Studio 1, where already the Harald Schmidt Show was produced for Sat.1.

After exactly one year of " creative break " Harald Schmidt launched on 23 December 2004 in ARD his new late-night show. He presented it a concept that part from which the Harald Schmidt Show differed. It was noticeable in particular that initially no guests were more invited to the show, although Schmidt had stated in the well-known media roundtable " Bertelsmann Matinee " Günther Jauch 2002, his mission would not be possible without guests and that, contrary to popular belief, the " part with the guests " usually is the more interesting. Also the usual standup was missing at first, but was reintroduced after a few shows.

Following these changes, the concept corresponded largely to the back of the sat.1 predecessor mission, albeit with a lesser proportion of external actions and Box office movies. Manuel Andrack was involved again as a sidekick as in the Harald Schmidt Show and the accompanying broadcast ARD - show band consisted almost entirely of musicians in the studio band of the Harald Schmidt Show. Only the former band leader Helmut Zerlett no longer available. A few months after the start of the program, the also well-known for the Harald Schmidt Show Nathalie Licard was again taken into the ensemble, initially for irregular guest appearances, after some time as an integral part of the ARD -show band that supported them as non- singing singer. Twice undertook the Showfranzösin a little trip into the professional singing "Happy Birthday " a la Marilyn Monroe with blond wig and " Salzkammergut ".

Schmidt led a few months after the start of the program an artificial " commercial break " as a structural element. It was necessary not such a pause, as the ARD may radiate to the transmission time of Harald Schmidt as a public broadcaster not advertising. Nevertheless, Schmidt announced once per shipment "We are making short advertising", whereupon the studio band - a piece of music alluded instrumental - as occurred during the commercial breaks in the sat.1 Harald Schmidt Show. Instead of going into a commercial break, the band was shown, usually with a satirical tribute to the piece played. The introduction of this artificial " commercial break " took place after voiced criticism from several sides, which alleged that the shipment before it was too long-winded without commercial breaks.

The focal points of the show were shifted to same-day and media criticism. While Harald Schmidt has often been compared to his previous show with David Letterman, critics move him now more common in the vicinity of Jon Stewart, whose successful Daily Show is dealing in the United States with the day's events and the media landscape. So Harald Schmidt said in an interview with the Welt am Sonntag on January 16, 2005 jokingly about his new mission: " Harald Schmidt is a weak copy of the American intelligent political satire, The Daily Show by Jon Stewart ' - without heranzureichen to the original." Harald Schmidt responded so well to opinions of television critics, the current programs are too long-winded.

Without any announcement had since September 2005 again each shipment (with few exceptions) a guest. On request of a guest ( the Fritz presenter Caroline Korneli ) with respect to the change of concept Schmidt explained that it still give guests that it would be worth his view, to be invited.

Second term of (2009-2011)

After the end of Schmidt & Pocher and the return of the format Harald Schmidt in September 2009, the concept of the program was revised. While Schmidt was able to rely on a permanent sidekick with Manuel Andrack and then with Oliver Pocher earlier, he has been working for the return of the format without permanent interlocutor, but took over in the second episode of the show on September 24, 2009, the theater director Claus Peymann as a guest a similar role. Instead, Schmidt has a solid team of people around him, who take on different roles in Einspielern, but also in the studio. These included in the Season 09 /10 presenter Katrin Bauerfeind, author and journalist Peter Richter, who embodied by editorial director Ralf Kabelka politician Dr. Udo Brömme and the trio Caroline Korneli Jan Böhmermann and Pierre Krause, who already in the award winning RTL Satire broadcast television heroes had stood together in front of the camera. In addition, regularly occurs on the actor and director Christian Brey, who had previously worked with Harald Schmidt at the Stuttgart State Theatre. The Indicative ( Anmoderationen ) and Einspieler are spoken by Pat Murphy. From September 2010 reinforced Max yaw man who became known for his series Switch Reloaded, the team whose composition is also changed greatly. While Bauerfeind still often occurs during shipment, remained from those only Böhmermann, Dr. Richter and Dr. Brömme on it. With guest appearances since the end of 2010 Klaas Heufer circulation part of the team that he intended to strengthen permanently from 2011. Schmidt has the 2011 expiring contract with ARD is not extended, but instead signed from September 2011 to Sat.1 where the item was to be seen no major change of approach again as Harald Schmidt Show and ran until May 2012. From September 2012 to March 2014 the Harald Schmidt Show was broadcast on Sky Germany.