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Hawara (Arabic هوارة, DMG Hawara ) is the modern name of an ancient Egyptian necropolis that lies at the entrance to Fayyum basin southeast of Medinet el- Faiyum.

Grave sites

King (Pharaoh) Amenemhet III. from the 12th Dynasty ( Middle Kingdom ) built here his second pyramid, see the Hawara pyramid. Various ancient writers (eg the historian Herodotus, Strabo, Pliny the Elder) described the plant, which should be known by the huge mortuary temple as a labyrinth. The temple, however, was probably used since Roman times as a quarry and it is no longer possible to gain an idea of ​​the appearance of the plant.

North of the pyramid is an extensive burial ground. Here are the officials of Amenemhet III. been buried. In the late period here numerous burials of crocodile mummies have been held, even then destroyed much the burial ground. There are other grave sites from the New Kingdom and the Late Period, the cemetery where but gained new importance, especially in Greco- Roman times. Many of the so-called mummy portraits date from Hawara.

First excavations found by Karl Richard Lepsius here instead, later dug Flinders Petrie in the same place and discovered many mummy portraits. Hawara is also the location of many demotic and Greek papyri.