Pyramid of Amenemhat III (Dahshur)

Also known as the "Black Pyramid" Dahshur Pyramid of Amenemhet III. was built by King Amenemhet III. given from the 12th dynasty in order, which still had built a total of two pyramids in the first half of his long reign. In the 2nd year of his reign, he began the construction of the pyramid " Amenemhat is mighty " in Dahshur; then the second was in Hawara in the Faiyum.


The Dahshur pyramid had a base dimension of approximately 105 m and would have been about 80 feet high at a tilt angle of 57 °, and thus the sixth highest of the Egyptian pyramids as a whole and the highest Egyptian pyramid, which was built after the time of the Old Kingdom.

The core of the pyramid consists entirely of mud bricks without retaining walls. The exterior cladding consisted of Tura limestone and is now lost. Weathering and environmental influences are to blame for today so bizarre appearance of the building.

The pyramid has two entrances, both on the southern ends of the east side and the west side. They lead to numerous chambers, corridors and stairs as well as some grave chambers. With this construction, Amenemhet III. King Djoser followed from the 3rd Dynasty, because only his pyramid has such a complicated substructure on.

In addition to the never used grave chamber of the king several burials for queens and princesses with their grave chambers, Kanopennischen and Ka - bands have been integrated into the structure. Both queens chambers were used: the West for the queen Aat; the other for Chnumneferhedjet. The Mummy remains of queens suggest an age at death of 35 and 25 years. A total of six burials were found in the pyramid (eg Hathorhetep ).

Shortly before the completion of the pyramid serious construction defects were visible, which prompted the king to build the second pyramid: the ground was unstable, too many rooms and corridors as well as a lack of ceiling construction left the building under the pavement of the yard sag. By cedar beams and walls of mud brick was trying to absorb the pressure and to conceal cracks.

The pyramid District

The District pyramid was oriented in an east-west direction. As usual, the Pyramid of the mortuary temple, causeway and valley temple was in front. The mortuary temple is completely destroyed, the valley temple consisted of two courtyards with ascending terraces.

In the north of Außenumfassung there are ten shaft tombs of the 13th dynasty. Here King Hor I and a princess Nubhetepti - chered were buried one hundred years later.


The pyramid complex was studied by Jacques de Morgan in 1894 /95, and then dug Dieter Arnold 1976-1983 continues in the district.

In 1900, the Pyramidion was in the rubble at the Südbasis found in black granite (side length: 1.87, Height: 1.31 m). The good condition of the inscribed pyramid tip suggests that it was never put on.