β -globin ( HBB, the hemoglobin, β - subunit), together with the α -globin, the most common form of hemoglobin in adult humans. Normal adult hemoglobin consists of tetrameric two alpha chains and two beta chains.


The gene is located on the β -globin locus. The expression of the β - globin and the adjacent globins in the β -globin locus is controlled by a single locus control region (LCR). The order of the genes in the β -globin cluster is: 5 ' - ε - γ -G - A - γ - δ - β - 3'.


Mutant β -globin is responsible for the disease in the form of red blood cells of sickle cell anemia. Caused the absence of beta- thalassemia major chains (also B0 -thalassemia ). A decreased amount of detectable β -globin causes a thalassemia minor with little pronounced symptoms (including ß -thalassemia ).


HBB has the α -globin protein-protein interaction.