Hearth Fires

Candlelight ( Les feux de la chandeleur ) is a French film from the year 1972. The scenario was written by Serge Korber and Pierre Uytterhoeven based on the novel by Catherine Paysan.


The mother Marie -Louise boursault ( Annie Girardot ) has their children Laura and Jean -Paul reared for years alone. Your activities in the Socialist party because she has left her lawyer husband Alexandre ( Jean Rochefort ). Ten years pass. Just takes a Siberian winter in the city and a daughter Laura ( Claude Jade ), who is studying psychology and medicine in Paris, returns to the small town in the Jura. Laura falls in love after some initial reluctance in the party her mother's boyfriend, Marc Champenois ( Bernard Fresson ). When Marie -Louise Alexandre want to recapture, Laura holds her and insisitiert the father, who lives in the same city to return. However, Laura's brother, Jean -Paul ( Bernard LeCoq ) turns away and says the mother mad ...


The family drama was an official post at the film festival in Cannes 1972.


Filmdienst: A sensitively staged marriage drama, psychologically convincing explored and played excellent.