Hedal Stave Church

The Stave Church Hedalen (or stave church Hedal, Norwegian Hedalen stavkirke ) is a Norwegian stave church in the valley Hedal of Sør- Aurdal in Valdres in Oppland fylke.


Was first documented in 1327 the church, but it is probably older and therefore the oldest church in Valdres. The church was heavily remodeled in 1699 and lost its original form as a simple long church with a rectangular nave, chancel and apse with narrower flanking porch. The renovation work of the original choir was replaced by a new choir in block construction. A transept was built and extended the nave towards the east. In 1900 the church was restored. Medieval buildings are now only a significant part of ship design and the arcade.

Architecture and Facilities

The church has a rich beschnitztes west portal with leaf tendrils and animal motifs and an iron-studded door. Most of the furnishings date from the period after the Reformation. There are few medieval objects such as a reliquary with dragon heads on the gables and carvings scene from the life of Jesus Christ and the murder of Thomas Beckett. Facilities include a Romanesque baptismal font made ​​of soapstone and a model of a church from the 13th century.