Heinrich Glarean

Glarean (us ) actually Heinrich Loriti, also Loritis, Loritti or Loretti ( born February 28 or June 2, 1488 in Mollis, Canton of Glarus, † 27 or March 28, 1563 in Freiburg im Breisgau) was a Swiss musician, music theorist, poet, teacher, scholar, historian, geographer, mathematician, humanist and polymath.


The Latin name refers to its origin from the canton of Glarus. After a basic training in Bern and Michael Rubellus in Rottweil, he studied in Vienna and with Matthias Aquensis in Cologne. 1512 he was appointed master in Cologne, where in 1512 because of a Lobgedichtes to Emperor Maximilian of this to the Laureate. After he had set himself against the Cologne Dominicans in the dispute by Johannes Reuchlin on the Reuchlin's side, he moved in 1514 to Basel on where in fruitful contact with the printers Johann Froben and Heinrich Petri and scholars Erasmus of Rotterdam and Oswald Myconius until 1529 acted as Bursenleiter; in the meantime he held in Pavia ( 1515) and in Paris ( 1517-22 ) on .. In Basel ( 1516) was his friend Aegidius Tschudi nachmaliger his student. The introduction of the Reformation, which he declined decided, prompted him to leave Basel and neighboring Freiburg emigrate. There he taught at the University until his retirement in 1560 poetics, history and geography.

Since, as Erasmus of Rotterdam bothered him the retreat of the classical studies of religious questions, he came out of scientific concerns increasingly in contrast to the Reformation and went in 1529 after their introduction in Basel as professor of poetics to Freiburg im Breisgau. There he taught until his retirement in 1560 poetics, history and geography.

Glareans contribution to music theory in his work Dodekachordon ( 1547) was the extension of the system of authentic medieval modes to the Ionian and the Aeolian mode, from which later emerged the major, minor, which are decisive for the Western music today.

Glarean price

On 10 July 2007 the Swiss Musicological Society has the Glarean Prize in the amount of CHF 10,000 awarded for the first time. The new science prize is awarded every two years and is the work of recognized researchers honor. In the intervening years to a young researcher also be awarded CHF 10'000. Recipient of the first Glarean price is Reinhard Strohm from the University of Oxford.


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