Helen Vinson

Helen Vinson ( born September 17, 1907 in Beaumont, Texas, † October 7, 1999, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; born as Helen Rulfs ) was an American actress.


Helen Vinson made ​​after training at the University of Texas at Austin rapid career in the theater and made ​​the jump to Broadway, where she performed, among others, in the piece Los Angeles. In 1932 she signed a contract with the film company Warner Bros. and made ​​her debut at the side of Kay Francis and William Powell in A thief with class. It was followed by other roles, including in I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, along with Paul Muni and as a friend of Loretta Young in Grand Slam and They Call It Sin.

Helen Vinson, soon specializing in the part of the other woman, and often took on the role of the cynical adulteress or spiteful wife who tries to prevent the happiness of her husband with another woman after forces. One example of this was their appearance alongside Ann Harding in The Life of Vergie Winters of 1934, in which Vinson by a lie ensures that Harding for 20 years is innocent in jail. In The Wedding Night Vinson was the selfish wife of Gary Cooper, which prevented the intrigues of his happiness with Anna Sten. One of her best roles she had towards the end of the decade in the film only in name as mean, vindictive friend of Kay Francis.

The film historian James Quirk is being given due to their ability to credibly portray unsympathetic characters, the not seriously intentioned title The Bitch You Love to Hate.

1944 Vinson retired into private life.

She was married from 1935 to 1940 with the tennis player Fred Perry.

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