Private Worlds

Senior physician Dr. Monet is an American film drama from the year 1935. The screenplay is based on the novel by Phyllis Bottome.


The Brentwood Hospital is a facility for the mentally ill. The doctors Dr. Jane Everest and Dr. Alex McGregor make great advances in the treatment of patients with special kindness. McGregor, however, passed over for promotion to warden. In its place, the woman-hater Dr. Charles Monet was appointed conductor. First, it separates the successful Team Everest - McGregor by allocating Dr. Everest menial jobs. Dr. Monet's sister Claire begins to flirt with McGregor.

When the patient suffers a fit of rage Jerry because of an error of the head nurse, Dr. Monet tried to pacify him by force. Here, the wrist it is broken. Dr. Everest calms Jerry with kind words and remain intact. She accuses Dr. Monet to have no feeling for the patient. Monet sees his mistake and dismiss the head nurse who has committed the error. Before she leaves, she identified as Claire Claire Campbell, who was accused of murdering her husband, but was acquitted. Monet, the best friend of her husband, was a witness for the prosecution. The head nurse told McGregor that she had to go because she knew too much about Claire's past. Dr. Everest is willing to let them in the institution if they 'll stay away from now on, just follow the instructions.

Dr. McGregor's wife, Sally, is bothered by the attention bestowed upon her husband Claire. She tells Dr. Everest, that she was pregnant and that her husband had changed a lot. The doctor believes McGregor use Claire as revenge against Monet. She explained the situation to her colleague Dr. Arnold, who concludes that she was in love with Monet. Dr. Everest but it denies vehemently. She holds on to a stuffed bunny that her ex-boyfriend Michael gave. Sally, however, the young patient Carrie Flint attended the event, as it was exactly even abused as a child. But Sally can not help Carrie.

At night there is a storm. Sally is waiting for her husband, who has met with Claire. Sally hears her name and falls down the stairs. At the same time seeks to Dr. Everest Monet to talk to him. They talk about Carrie, who destroyed the marriage of Dr. McGregor and his wife. The two got into a fight, but are called to McGregor. You can find Sally, who is delirious and holding for Carrie Flint. They take her to the hospital, where she is to be operated on. McGregor then wakes up in her bed.

The next morning, Monet tries to bring his sister to independence. McGregor learns that Jane Everest wants to leave the hospital. He tries to change her. Monet tells her they live in a world of spirits with an imaginary lover. Then he confesses his love. She drops the stuffed bunny hugs and Monet.


Was Mordaunt Hall of the New York Times, despite the bizarre features is the story of a film less admirable than the novel.

The Variety wrote, Gregory La Cava have a very sensitive interpretation of the novel delivered, Lynn Starling should be considered for the adaptation of flowers.

Dave Kehr of the " Chicago Reader" keeps the film for a tearjerker full of non-conventional gravity and weight.


The film went to the Oscars in 1936 with a nomination in the category

  • Best Actress - Claudette Colbert.


The premiere took place on March 9, 1935. In the same year the film was also released in German cinemas.

The film is considered the first, which takes up the issue of patient treatment in psychiatric institutions.

The film is one of more than 700 productions of Paramount Pictures, which were filmed 1929-1949, and their television rights were sold to Universal Pictures in 1958.