Henry Bergman

Henry Bergman ( born February 23, 1868 in San Francisco, California, † October 22, 1946 in Hollywood, California ) was an American actor and longtime production assistant of Charles Chaplin.


Henry Bergman began his career as a stage actor and made ​​his Broadway debut in 1899. He made ​​his first appearance in 1914, 46 years old, in a silent movie on. 1916 began his lasting until death collaboration with Charles Chaplin. He first appeared as a character actor in many Charlie Chaplin short films. He was Chaplin's assistant and one of his closest collaborators. He sat down next to this production work also repeatedly roles in Chaplin's films to. One of his most famous roles was that of mayor in the opening sequence of lights of the big city. He played his last role in Chaplin's Modern Times as a restaurant owner. His last collaboration was as assistant to Charlie Chaplin 's The Great Dictator. Chaplin Bergman supported financially at the opening of his restaurant Henry's in Hollywood, which was the stopping point of the Hollywood celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s.

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