Heqing County

The circle Heqing (鹤庆 县) is a county in the north of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, China.

It has an area of 2,395 km ² and 260,000 inhabitants ( 2004). Its main town is the large village Yunhe (云鹤 镇).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circuit is composed of six large municipalities and three municipalities ( a nationality community) together. These are:

  • Greater community Yunhe云鹤 镇
  • Greater community Xintun辛屯镇
  • Greater community Songgui松 桂 镇
  • Greater community Huangping黄 坪镇
  • Greater community Caohai草海 镇
  • Greater community Xiyi西 邑 镇
  • Community Jindun金 墩乡
  • Community Duomei朵 美 乡
  • Community of Yi Liuhe六合 彝族 乡