Hercules in the Haunted World

  • Reg Park: Heracles
  • Christopher Lee: Lycus
  • Giorgio Ardisson: Theseus
  • Leonora Ruffo: Deianira
  • Marisa Belli: Arethusa
  • Ida Galli: Persephone
  • Franco Giacobini: Telemachus
  • Mino Doro: Keros
  • Monica Neri: Helena
  • Gaia Germani: Medea
  • Ely Drago: Jocaste

Vampires vs. Hercules ( in the original Italian: Ercole al centro della terra ) is an Italian film directed by Mario Bava sandals from the year 1961.


The two friends Heracles and Theseus return after many adventures back into the Kingdom Icalia where Heracles wants to marry the beautiful Deianira. But this was demonstrated by an evil spell, which can be cured only by a rare stone that lurks in the Underworld. Heracles and Theseus thus descend into the grave, where Theseus is also still love to make matters worse in the favorite daughter of the god of death. Only after many harassment and fighting the two can take the stone. Back home, they discover who is really behind the magic spell: Deianiras uncle Lycus, who is a vampire in truth.


Encyclopedia of the International film: Naive series film, artistically a bit above average, but overall offers the usual muscle show, added with a few scary scenes.

" A trashy film, without question, but one that revels with contagious lust in his clenched artificiality of paper mache and bright primary colors. "