Chet ( חית ) is the eighth letter in the Hebrew alphabet. He has the numerical value of 8 Chet called in ancient Hebrew a voiceless pharyngeal fricative, and is still so pronounced by Israelis of Oriental origin in some cases. The sound in the German does not exist. Falls in the standard pronunciation of modern Hebrew, the volume (below Yiddish and Jewish - Spanish influence ) with the fricative together, which is written as Kaph because he continues the nachvokalische pronunciation of / k / in ancient Hebrew. This is spoken as a voiceless guttural sound deep in the throat, similar to the " ch " in the word " chef" ( ie as a uvular voiceless fricative ).

In the Greek alphabet it was the vowel eta, in the Latin consonant H.

The academic transliteration of Chet is "H" ( "h" with a dot below).


  • חוה Chava Eve חיים " Chaim " = life
  • חנה Chana Hannah, Anna of חן "chen" = grace
  • חבקוק Chawakuk Habakkuk, biblical prophet