Kaph ( כף ) is the eleventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet. He has the numerical value 20

In modern Ivrit Kaph is the beginning of a syllable after a consonant and in word-initial spoken as [k ] ( in dot notation with a dot ( Dagesch ) displayed in the center of the letter ), in all cases other than [ x], similar to the German ch in Bach.

If the letter at the end of a word, it is written differently than Final letter. This notation is sometimes used for the numerical value of 500.


The word Kaph means " palm ". The old pictures character originally stood for an open hand. From the Hebrew Kaph the Greek Kappa and subsequently the Latin K derived.


  • כינרת Kinneret: Sea of ​​Galilee (of כינור Kinor in the biblical meaning " harp " )
  • שְׁכֶם schchem Shechem