RF is an abbreviation for:

  • Fürth Hardhöhe, an underground station of Nuremberg, Fürth see Hardhöhe Metro Station
  • Semi-finished or semi-finished product in production theory
  • Hamburg -Finkenwerder
  • Hamburg's Finest, a hip- hop label, predecessor of Deluxe Records
  • Hamburger format, a brick format
  • HammerFall, a Swedish power metal band
  • Hapag -Lloyd Flug as IATA code
  • Hartree- Fock method, an approximation method in quantum mechanics
  • Sergeant major
  • Army Field track, a military railway transportation
  • Army field railway locomotive
  • Brightfield, a method of illumination in microscopy, see brightfield microscopy
  • Heart rate
  • High frequency in electrical engineering
  • Higher College
  • Holstein - Friesian, a breed of cattle, see Holstein Cattle
  • Radio
  • Human Factors, Human factors in socio-technical systems
  • Hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen fluoride or see hydrofluoric acid

HF as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Herford
  • UK: Bournemouth
  • Norway: Tynset in the county of Hedmark
  • Austria: Hartberg
  • Hungary: Hungarian armed forces (Magyar Honvédség )

Hf stands for:

  • Hafnium, a chemical element

Hf stands for:

  • Have fun ( English for " fun " ), used in chats; see list of abbreviations (network jargon ) # H
  • High fill, a fill level (wine bottle)

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