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The city of Holstebro [ hɔlsdəbʀo ː ʔ ] is the administrative seat of the Municipality of Holstebro, which belongs to the region Midtjylland. It is located in the western part of Denmark and is traversed by the small river Storå.

Population Development

Development of the Population:


The city is agricultural center of the cattle trade.



Since 1966, the city is the seat of the Odin Teatret, which offers cultural activities of various kinds, both on his farm just outside the town and in Holstebro itself and the environment and organized.


In the first division Holstebro HH90 ( Holstebro Handbold ) is established.

Hosted by HH90 takes place every year the Holstebro Holstebro Cup in which 300 teams and 4000 participants each year represents the largest handball tournament in Denmark with approx.


  • The city is characterized by an extensive collection of modern sculptures and sculptures from the street scene; not least the magic rock on the Færchtorvet middle of the city, in which the commission is not only possible but even encouraged.
  • The Holstebro Kirke dates from 1907. It was built to replace the medieval church, which was demolished in 1906. Many fittings from the old church were used in the new church.

Partial view of the town hall, with the plastic La femme au chariot of Alberto Giacometti

Holstebro Museum and Art Museum

Holstebro Musikteater, overlooking the river Storeåen

Mural Holstebro / DK

Twin Cities

Holstebro is a member of Douzelage since its founding in 1991. During this twinning is ever a city represent a state of the European Union.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Charles Lauritsen (1892-1968), American physicist
  • Jens Jørgen Thorsen (1932-2000), film director and screenwriter
  • Peter Heine Nielsen ( b. 1973 ), chess player
  • Kristian Erik Kiehling (* 1976), actor