Holzape and Mühlbach at the Gutsmühle Wülmersen

The Holzape (not to be confused with the shorter Holzkape ) is to be the longest river in Reinhardswald about a 22.8 km long, right or southeasterly inflow of Diemel, the district of Kassel, North Hesse ( Germany ).


The Holzape rises and runs Reinhardswald. Your source is located on the western slope of the Staufenbergs ( 472.2 m above sea level. NHN ), approximately 420 m southwest of the highest point. It is located at about 410 m altitude.

The Holzape winds through an idyllic, natural, virtually uninhabited and mostly planted with forest valley, where they unkanalisiert in predominantly north-westerly direction flows. A few hundred meters after its origin the creek crosses under a common section of German Fairy Tale Road and Reinhard Forest bike path, after which it passes through the founded in 1993 and 1.35 km ² nature reserve "Upper Holzapetal ".

Then the Holzape happens located along the expansive open space hamlet Beberbeck (district of Hofgeismar ) northeast and take between the "Forest House Brick Cottage " and the building of the " Revierförsterei Beberbeck " that the stand east " Reaper Barracks ", the of next from the south or Beberbeck Bach Nieme (left side) on.

Then the Holzape flows opens through a narrow, tree- forest valley portion again, after a little further north of coming from the southeast or from the direction of Sababurg Donnenbach ( right side ). Then she runs past the fed by their " Keßpfuhl " ponds, where a water treatment plant was opened to supply drinking water in 2003. Shortly thereafter, the Bach happened about 1 km to the west the location in agriculturally used area Gottsbüren (district of Trendelburg ), where it receives the waters of the current flowing through this village Fuldebachs ( right side ).

Below Gottsbüren the Holzape flows about 1.7 kilometers north of Frederick Field, one lying above the flowing water on a plateau with fields and meadows district of Trendelburg, or south of the stone head again a narrow, tree- forest valley portion. This area, which was once the flood retention basins Friedrich field (see for flood protection below) should be built, is reported since 1980 on 90 hectares as a nature reserve " Holzapetal ".

After flowing through this valley portion or the Reinhard Forest, passing the Gutsmühle Wülmersen to their operation (setting 1904) which branches off from the Holzape Mühlbach been created, the river is bridged by Holzapeviadukt the former Carl web.

Then the Holzape flows directly west past Wülmersen (small district of Trendelburg ) or the " water castle Wülmersen ", then joins something underneath it to about 100 m altitude in the coming from the south Weser Creek Diemel.

Catchment and inflows

Among the tributaries of the Holzape whose catchment area covers 59.123 km ², includes (left side = l, r = right side) with respective orographic assignment, specifying the length in kilometers (km), and estuary with Holzapebachkilometer downriver considered:

  • Nieme ( l; 4.75 km; between " forest house brick hut ", " Revierförsterei Beberbeck " and " Reaper barracks "; 14.75 km )
  • Donnenbach (r; 7.55 km; below " area Först achievement Beberbeck " or southwest of Gottsbüren; 10.45 km )
  • Fuldebach (r; 6.65 km, below the " Keßpfuhl " ponds or west of Gottsbüren; 8.6 km )


The headwaters of the Holzape lies on the watershed of Diemel and Weser, a part of the Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: While the Holzape drained to the northwest of the Diemel into the Weser, the short flow streams, the northern, eastern or south of the Staufenbergs spring, eastward directly into the Weser.

Flood protection

For flood protection, that during the period the late 1960s and early 1970s plans to build the approximately 54 -acre flood control reservoir Friedrich field in the region of the lower reaches of the most water-rich Holzape below Friedrich field or above Wülmersen. The total storage space of the basin, which would have been normal pent with 3.9 million cubic meters of water, was calculated to be 5.8 million cubic meters, resulting in 1.9 million m³ flood retention area for a rainfall area of 57.8 km ² result. The basin for which an earth and rockfill dam was planned was, however, never executed, so that still is a nature and water reserve in the narrow valley above the Gutsmühle Wülmersen.

Attractions / Activities

Attractions near or directly on the Holzape belong next to the Reinhardswald Sababurg with the zoo and the nearby jungle Sababurg Sababurg, the cloudbursts in Trendelburg and the "water castle Wülmersen ". Also, you can on some forest trails, which run approximately parallel to the Holzape, hike or take a bike ride.