Staufenberg (Reinhardswald)

The Staufenberg is 472.2 m above sea level with. NN before Gahrenberg ( 472.1 m above sea level. NN ) the highest mountain in the Central Mountains Reinhardswald in the district of Kassel, in Hesse.

Geographical location

The forested Staufenberg is located in North Hesse approximately 3.5 km north- west of Veckerhagen ( a municipality part of Reinhard Hagen) and 7.5 km (distances in each air line) east of Hombressen ( a district of Hofgeismar ).

The southern slopes of the Staufenbergs called " Little Staufenberg " (421 m above sea level. NN ), not far northwest of the mountain is the first German Friedwald. On its western side originates the water-rich Holzape, which is the longest river in the Reinhard Forest and a southeasterly inflow of Diemel. Slightly southwest of the mountain peak arises from the small Tiefenbach, the fluent flows eastward into the Weser.


About the Staufenberg summit runs a portion of the Diemel -Weser watershed, which is a part of quite elongated Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: The water of all the streams that flow like the Holzape from Staufenberg in western directions achieved earlier or later on the Diemel the Weser; contrast, reach the very short rivers, such as the small Tiefenbach, which flow into eastern directions, after a few kilometers of the river Weser in a direct way.