Steinkopf (Gutsbezirks Reinhardswald) (northwest)


The stone head is 271.1 m above sea level. NN high mountain in the northern part of the Central Mountains Reinhardswald in the district of Kassel, Hesse ( Germany ).

There is also the Reinhardswald the stone head in the southeast part of the Gutsbezirks Reinhardswald and Fuldataler Steinkopf.

Geographical location

The stone head is located in the unincorporated area Gutsbezirk Reinhardswald between the north-west Helmarshausen, a southern district of Bad Karl harbor, the south-east located Gottsbüren, an eastern suburb of Trendelburg, and the west in the Wülmersen, an estate in the north of Trendelburg. It rises between the small Weser- inflow country Becke in the east and northeast, the Holzape the south and southwest and the Diemel in the northwest. Its southwest foothills is the moss mountain ( 185 m above sea level. NN ).

Just 600 meters northeast of the stone head summit extends the nature reserve forest weighting Manessen Founded in 1965 and 14 hectares ( NSG-Nr. 82769 ).

Hiking and Transport

To the west of the wooded stone head that belongs to the " State Forest Bad Karlshafen " runs in the section Bad Karl port Trendelburg the trail Reinhardswald east -west route and the section Bad Karl port Gottsbüren the trail wild. Over the hill lead small paths. Runs east county road 75, the Helmarshausen with Gottsbüren connects.