Hornsherred is a Danish peninsula. It lies between the Ise Fjord and Roskilde Fjord in the north of the island of Zealand. The northern part belongs to the municipality Frederikssund, the southern part of the municipality of Lejre. The name is derived from the Harde horn Herred, an old administrative unit that covered the north of the peninsula. Between the two municipal reforms in 1970 and 2006, the three municipalities Jægerspris, Skibby and Bramsnæs were part of the peninsula.


The largest towns are Jaegerspris ( 4087 inhabitants) Skibby ( 3139 ), Kirke and hostel (1990) and Ejby (1877 ).


The Kongeegen ( German the king oak) is an oak, which applies with an age 1400-2000 years, not only as the oldest tree in Denmark but also probably the oldest oak in Europe. Here are the megalithic Julianehøj and Møllehøj.


On the highway Holbækmotorvejen and leading over the road bridge Roskildefjord Kronprins Frederiks Bro, the peninsula is connected to the Hovedstadsområdet. In the southwest of the Munkholmbroen shortened the route by Holbæk. On the northern tip consists of Kulhuse a ferry service to Sølager at Hundested.

55.78333333333311.95Koordinaten: 55 ° 47 '0 "N, 11 ° 57' 0" E

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