• IA TV, a private television station for Berlin and Brandenburg
  • Intel architecture, see IA -32 and IA -64
  • Immunoadsorption, a therapeutic method in medicine
  • Information architecture, the design of an information system
  • Integrated assessment, integrated assessment process, especially in the environmental sciences
  • International Academy, which refers to a High School in Bloomfield Hills
  • Internet Archive, an archive for the preservation of digital data
  • Instrumental analysis, a range of analytical chemistry
  • Inuit Ataqatigiit, a political party in Greenland
  • Iowa, American State as postal abbreviation

IA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Greece: Lorries of the civil service

Ia may refer to:

  • A former municipality and current district of the municipality of Santorini in Greece, see Ia ( Greece)
  • A Cornish saint, see Ia ( Holy )
  • A bat genus, monotypic with the type Ia io
  • In ancient mythology the daughter of King Midas of Phrygia in Pessinus and bride of Attis, see Ia ( mythology)
  • Ia = " Roman one a" first general staff officer in the German rods to 1945

Ia an abbreviation stands for:

  • The language Interlingua, according to ISO 639-1, a simplified version of Latin

I a (also i.a. ) stands for:

  • In general ( outdated ), in old orthography - according to the new spelling is very important in general; to avoid confusion with the order, it is now generally involves. abbreviated, see A., ( abbreviation) Generally
  • Intra-arterially in medicine the introduction of substances into an artery

A., (also I.A. ) as an abbreviation stands for:

  • A., ( abbreviation) in the order, an additive in signatures in commercial transactions
  • In resolution, befindlicher your company name resolution in business, see liquidation

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