Ian Callum

Ian Callum ( born July 30, 1954 in Dumfries, Scotland ) is a British car designer.

Callum has worked throughout his career for a number of mainly British car manufacturer, to one of his best-known works include the Aston Martin DB7.

Since 1999 he has made ​​successor to Geoff Lawson chief designer at Jaguar Cars. His first works for Jaguar were the facelift of the Jaguar S-Type and X-Type Estate. With the following models Callum introduced a completely new design language at Jaguar, which replaces the retro design Lawsons. This was implemented in the models XK ( 2006), XF (2008) and XJ (2010) and the Jaguar C -X75 study.

  • Briton
  • Scotsman
  • Vehicle designer
  • Born in 1954
  • Man
  • Person ( Dumfries )