IC is an abbreviation for:

  • I see (English for "I see " or "I understand "), see list of abbreviations (network jargon )
  • (Roman one c ) and Ic / AO ( intelligence officer ), military intelligence officer in the German rods
  • Imperial College, a college in London
  • Index Catalogue (Index Catalogue ), a catalog of galactic nebulae, star clusters and galaxies
  • Index of Coincidence (coincidence index), a statistical measure for the cryptanalysis of texts
  • Indian Airlines, a former Indian airline based in New Delhi, the merged 2007-2011 with Air India after the IATA code
  • Innovative Communication, a German record label
  • Instituto Cervantes, a cultural institute with the aim to promote the Spanish language and to make known the cultural heritage of all Spanish-speaking countries and maintain
  • Institutum Canarium, an international interdisciplinary research company that deals with the study of the cultural history of the Canary Islands and the neighboring Mediterranean ( based in Vienna )
  • Institutum Caritas, the Catholic Order of Rosminians
  • Instrument cluster, English name for the instrument cluster
  • Integrated circuit (integrated circuit ), an electronic component
  • Intelligence Community, a consortium of 16 U.S. intelligence agencies
  • Intercity, a train type in many European countries
  • Interconnection, the interconnection of several separate networks
  • Internal Conversion in nuclear physics a decay process, see Internal Conversion
  • In spectroscopy the transition between two electronically excited states, see interior conversion

IC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

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