Ice age (disambiguation)

The term ice age is ambiguous.

Ice Age denotes various periods of Earth's history:

  • A longer period of Earth's history, in which parts of the Earth ( at least one pole ) are year-round covered with glaciers, see Ice Age
  • The current ice age, see Känozoisches Ice Age
  • Called a cold period within a Ice Age, see cold period, even glacial
  • A period with relatively low temperatures ( Klimapessimum ) from the beginning of the 15th to the 19th century, see Little Ice Age

Ice Age stands for movie and music titles:

  • Ice age, play by Tancred Dorst (1973 )
  • Ice Age ( 1975), German film directed by Peter Zadek
  • Ice Age ( 2004), German documentary film by Alexander dresses and Daniela Michel
  • Ice age, song on the album the band Ideal Ideal (1981 )
  • Ice age, song on the album I want to live by Peter Maffay (1982 )
  • Ice Age ( album ), Music album of the German band Eisbrecher (2010)
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