Tankred Dorst

Tancred Dorst ( born December 19, 1925 in Oberlind / Thuringia ) is a German dramatist and writer. He lives in Munich- Schwabing, where he began his time to write for the Marionette Theatre Small Game time critical pieces that are still performed today, partly since his student days. In addition, he has become internationally known for his screenplays and as a director.


Tancred Dorst grew up in a wealthy citizens Oberlinder family who owned an engineering works at the site. From high school he was still convened as a student in 1943 to Reichsarbeitsdienst and 1944 the Wehrmacht. After a short training period, he went as a soldier on the Western Front, where it was in captivity. The end of the Second World War he experienced in prison camps in England and the United States. When he was released from prison in late 1947 to West Germany, were Oberlind and Sonnenberg for two years for the Soviet occupation zone. The machine factory was expropriated and fled the family from further reprisals to relatives in West Germany.

Tancred Dorst brought in Lüdinghausen to a high school and began in 1950 with the study of German literature and art history. In 1951 he moved to Munich, where he also studied drama still to 1959. Practical experience in playwriting and theater work he collected on student Puppet Studio " is a small game," for which he wrote six puppet pieces until 1959.

The first big plays came in 1960 in Lübeck and Mannheim with success on the stage. He continued this success continues to this day in a variety of stage works and a few films to an international audience. In 1963 he was inducted as a member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1971 he is a member of the PEN center of Germany. While working on the TV movie sand he met Ursula Ehler know who accompanied him since the early 1970s through his life and work as a partner and co-author. Since the mid- 1970s he has almost all the publications issued jointly with his wife.

Even abroad, he found increasing attention. He was, for example, 1973 visiting professor in Australia and New Zealand. But in 1973, he also founded in Munich together with Martin Gregor- Dellin, Jürgen Kolbe, Michael Krüger, Fritz Arnold, Paul Wühr, Inge Poppe, Christoph Buggert, Günter Herburger and Peter Laemmle, the first cooperative Author bookstore. In 1978 he was appointed member of the German Academy for Language and Literature in Darmstadt and included in the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz in 1983. In 1992 he was co-founder of the Bonn Biennale. Since then, he is also part of the artistic direction of this theater festival, which takes place mainly at the State Theatre in Wiesbaden since 2004 under the name of New Plays from Europe. As an internationally renowned German playwright he held 2003/2004 as a visiting professor lectures on poetics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

Dorst at the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth 2006 Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung restaged. He jumped so one for the Danish film director Lars von Trier, who had returned to the government in 2004. The German playwright who led for the first time in an opera director at the age of 78 years, is one of the most frequently performed contemporary authors on German stages.



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