Iceman (film)

Return from another world ( Alternative title: The man who came out of the ice; Iceman - The man who came out of the ice; Original Title: Iceman ). 's An American science fiction movie drama from 1984 was directed by Fred Schepisi, the screenplay is by John Drimmer and chip Proser.


Scientists see the Arctic a frozen 40,000 years ago man who is thawed and revived. Anthropologist Stanley Shephard and Diane Brady spend a lot of time with him and give him the name Charlie. By the time they make friends with Charlie and discover that he was obviously frozen during a dream trip that he took because his family was threatened and could not survive. Then they see it as inhumane, that their colleagues - including Dr. Sing - Charlie want to downgrade to a research object. Shephard helps Charlie to escape from the research station. The respected him as a divine sign helicopter wants to capture him, but Charly hanging on the skids and falls last in depth.


The editors of Rotten Tomatoes labeled the film as an " unusual drama." She praised the special effects and the aerial photographs of nature.

Movie service wrote that the film was " spectacular " and " lovingly ". He actively thinking "about the responsibility of science and the lost innocence of the simple life " on.

The magazine Cinema described the film as "a careful, absorbing scenarios Ötzi Vision ", the " compelling critique of science " offer.


The film was shot in Churchill ( Manitoba ) and Stewart (British Columbia). He started in the cinemas of the USA on 13 April 1984.