The abbreviation IDF stands for:

  • Israel Defense Forces, English for Israeli Defense Forces
  • Identity verification, the verification of the person by a natural person
  • Intel Developer Forum, a developer conference by Intel
  • Invention Disclosure form, a document in preparation of a patent application
  • Intermediate Data Format, an industry standard for the transfer of data to other PCB CAD design programs
  • Intermediate Distribution Frame, a distributor for wiring devices
  • International Diabetes Federation, an organization dedicated to research and treatment of diabetes
  • International DOI Foundation, operator of the Digital Object Identifier for permanent identifiers of digital objects
  • Inverse Document Frequency, Inverse Document Frequency for English, a calculate dimension in electronic data search and retrieval
  • Irish Defence Forces, English for Óglaigh na hÉireann, Irish armed forces
  • Iceland Defense Force, an existing up to 2006 U.S. military unit on Iceland

The abbreviation stands for ldF:

  • Institute of Fire Department Institute of Fire Department North Rhine -Westphalia
  • Institute of Fire Department Saxony -Anhalt

The abbreviation i d F (with spaces) stands for:

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